Litigation and other forms of Dispute regulation

Preparation of a strategy for judicial protection

Filing documents
in court

Defence of the interests of the client in the courtroom

Execution of the court’s order in any way

Law&Facts trial attorneys understand that the time constraints and financial challenges of litigation often require creative approaches to dispute resolution.

Our skilled trial attorneys, who handle trials and appeals in state and federal courts in Russia and selectively in other countries, draw upon a tremendous breadth and depth of experience in complex litigation which rivals that of much larger firms, often with greater economy to our clients.

From the very first meeting, we work to ensure our clients so they understand the litigation process, reduce risks, manage expenses and pursue outcomes that are in their best interests. While that require us to litigate a case through judgment, we are equally skilled in counseling and guiding our clients through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Representation of interests of Russian and foreign companies in courts in the Russian Federation
Trial and Pretrial negotiating
Execution of judgement decisions

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